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Wilmar wPlant Agribusiness Solution


Planning and managing all aspects of farm and grower back-office operations has been one of the biggest industry and business challenges. And with demand for food expected to double by 2050, businesses across the entire agricultural supply chain will need to adopt enterprise systems to improve operational efficiencies, and bring technology from the desk to the field.

Spiraling operational costs, manual business processes and outdated IT systems – these are perennial problems faced by plantation owners in Indonesia. As a result, plantation owners and estate managers do not get timely and accurate information to make informed business decisions. Let Wilmar Consultancy Services (WCS) help you transform your business processes in a cost-effective way.

The WCS Plantation Solution or wPlant solution is a business management solution designed to help plantation owners automate and integrate operational processes, reduce total cost of ownership and solve business issues. Managing remote and diverse plantations becomes easier and simpler when plantation operational processes are streamlined and integrated.

S/4 HANA Qualified Partner-Packaged Solution for Agribusiness

Depending on your business needs, the WCS Plantation Solution may be deployed speedily using Packaged Solution or over a longer period using the traditional method of implementation.

The Packaged approach facilitates the implementation of ready-to-install preconfigured processes and applications – at pre-determined costs. For larger enterprises, where much customization is needed, the traditional method allows services and software to be delivered over time - and according to your exact specifications.

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