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S/4 HANA RDS Solution for Retail

Predict, anticipate, and deliver engaging retail shopper experiences

Grow your customer base and increase profits by moving to a single, real-time retail platform that can help you gain insights into customer behaviour; anticipate demand; manage inventory; and deliver personalised, omnichannel offers and services – wherever your customers choose to engage.

Powered by the winds and guided by the stars, yesterday’s mariners took to the high season uncertain journeys of discovery to the new world. While retailers today have the benefit of advanced technology, they are also setting on exciting journeys of discovery that are no less hazardous or adventurous. 

Retailing today is changing at lightning speed coupled with an ever-tightening decisionhorizon, changing consumer expectations and an unrelenting flood of data. Retail’s digitalhorizon is disrupting classic retail models. Traditional processes such as merchandising,supply chain, and store operations are triggered autonomously by novel and unexpectedsources that are facilitated by artificial intelligence, machine learning, and voice and IoTsensors connected to a digital core. Consumer wearables, smart appliances and homes,driverless vehicles, drones, virtual reality headsets, and online games are becoming pointsof brand interactions –from demand to execution. What has served retailing well in yearspast has become a serious liability unable to guide the journeyahead

By RDS Retail solution From Wilmar Consultancy Services, your company will have the IT infrastructure necessary to anticipate behavior and demands, deliver personalized, omnichannel experiences, and harness opportunities for growth.

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