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S/4 HANA RDS Solution for Pharmacy

Improve lives with the digital health sciences network

Technology and innovation has created greater access to affordable healthcare and pharma. Business models, regulatory mandates and aging populations are rapidly changing, forcing pharmas to overhaul their current technology and information sharing to best harness opportunities.

By  2025, the global life  sciences market will have changed dramatically from  the industry we know  today. Patients will be more accountable for  their care and have greater access to  their personal health information. Patients and payers will demand personalized treatments with superior outcomes, but cost-effectively. Technology will allow patients to use smart devices to monitor  their health in real time while collaborating  with their physicians from home. Patient outcomes  will be continually monitored  to  identify patient populations that may have an identical genetic predisposition to  a treatment, while providing early detection of  any adverse events. Patients, physicians, providers, and producers will collaborate tightly  within a treatment protocol  to ensure optimal outcomes at reduced cost.In working  with leading companies across the globe,  we see investments focused on  three strategic priorities

To reap the benefits of greater access to opportunities requires possessing the right technology at the right time at the right scale to reduce costs, improve care, and lower risks for your customers. As your technology partner of choice, Wilmar Consultancy Services  will assist you every step of the journey – from strategy through implementation to training and maintenance. with the solution RDS Pharmacy Solution 

Technology trends change everything 

Digitalization has reached every aspect of our daily lives. For the life sciences industry, technologies provide new and exciting opportunities:

• Connected health

• Personalized medicine 

• Health wearables

• Artificial intelligence and machine learning

• Augmented reality

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