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S/4 HANA RDS Solution for Automotive

Transform your automotive business to compete in the global market

Use real-time information to operate with less risk and more reward to gain a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced automotive industry. Understand your customers better, manufacture more efficiently, and deliver quality products on-time and within budget.

Digital disruption is happening everywhere. Companies are either disrupting or being disrupted. Every company needs to digitally transform itself, not only to survive the disruption but also to thrive with the new opportunities created by digital disruption. 

The automotive industry is no exception to what is also called the “fourth technological revolution.” Traditional boundaries between high tech, retail, telecommunications, utilities, municipal services, and automotive begin to blur, and we see a new ecosystem emerging. Improvements in mobile and sensor technology, vehicle connectivity, e-mobility, ride sharing, pay-as-you-go services, autonomous driving, and blockchain transform a traditional, vertically integrated industry into a complex and interconnected value network –a fertile breeding ground for new, disruptive business models where technology powerhouses and startups are in a race to scale and challenge the incumbents on multiple levels.

Partnering with Wilmar Consultancy Services, we guide you through right technological initiatives to drive digitization across your business so you can stay ahead of the innovation curve.

Strategic priorities for automotive companies

Smart products

Throughout the value chain, companies are designing and developing new innovations that combine physical product with embedded sensors and software, introducing capabilities and value beyond traditional components, vehicle systems, and all types of vehicles –and developing the capabilities to support the lifecycle of the products while in service.

Digital supply chain and connected manufacturing

Digital technology on the shop floor and in the supply chain is not new. What is new is the way the entire value chain is intelligently connected to the rest of the business and is able to deal with external impulses such as short-term demand and supply fluctuations or changes in configuration that require different materials, parts, and operations.

Engaging a changing workforce

Two trends are dramatically reshaping the automotive workforce. The demographic-driven shift from boomers to millennials is requiring new approaches for maintaining and developing the skills of a younger workforce with different experience levels, skill levels, and expectations about technology in the workplace. The shift in focus from physical products to smart products requires a new type of worker with skills in software development, data science, and artificial intelligence, forcing companies to compete for talent with the likes of Google, Apple, and Facebook.

Customer centricity

As the market is disrupted and constantly shifting, putting your customers at the center of your business –from the end-customer’s point of view –is an imperative. Transformation not only of the buying experience but also of the customer’s experience throughout the entire lifecycle of the relationship strengthens brand loyalty, promotes customer retention, and can give you key insights into the market’s next move.

New business models and mobility services

By 2030, it is projected that as much as 22% of automotive-related revenue will be derived from shared mobility, transportation as a service, and other digital services related to automotive.6Suppliers, vehicle OEMs, dealers, and aftermarket retailers are exploiting new, connected technologies to open up new business models and explore new possibilities for monetizing and offering innovative services.

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