Wilmar Consultancy Services Offers ERP for SMEs

Wilmar Consultancy Services (WCS) took the initiative to release an Enterprise Resouces Planning (ERP) application that is easy to use, easily implemented at an affordable price. As is known, many companies are still reluctant to apply ERP because it is considered an expensive technology. Though this application is important as the increasing need for companies to transform digitally.

On that basis, Wilmar Consultancy Services seeks to change the community paradigm for Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. PT Wilmar Consultancy Services regularly provides education to the public about the importance of ERP as supporting the synergy process of all existing functions within the company. At the same time ensuring that this cloud-based solution is very safe and efficient.

Wilmar Consultancy Services Sales Director Gunawan Tandun said SAP Business ByDesign, an ERP application that is complete and real-time-minded-suitable for manufacturing, distribution, services (contractors, logistics providers, restaurants), and small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

He based on the release of adding business in this digital age demands speed in any case, so this on cloud solution is perfect for companies that are or want to grow. SAP Business ByDesign gives small and medium businesses the resources they need for growth, without facing expensive price tags.

Businesses, he said, can pick and choose which functions to use, and add more functions when needed later, making it easy for businesses to adapt and change as they grow. This application also offers an analytics platform, financial closing cockpit, and e-learning.

In the past, business people bothered to count, and now it is a technology that does it. "You can simply contact us, choose a package that suits your company needs, choose the number of users, pay and then world-class ERP can be used immediately" Gunawan added.

On the other hand, Ade Rahmat, Country Sales Head of Wilmar Consultancy Services explained that the Cloud is one of the biggest advantages of Business ByDesign. All data is stored on SAP servers, which means companies don't have to worry about hardware security and maintenance. This also means that system updates and changes will be the responsibility of SAP experts or reliable chefs from SAP .mar Consultancy Services Offer ERP for MSMEs.

source: Republika

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