WCS and SAP Support the Indonesian Planters National Seminar

The industrial era 4.0 encourages entrepreneurs to be able to optimize all the resources in the business network to meet all market demands. No exception for oil palm plantation companies.

For this reason, the Indonesian Planters Society (IPS) welcomes the industrial era 4.0 by holding the 2018 National Planters Indonesia Seminar (SNPI). This activity is the first step to strengthening the planter's organization in Indonesia and developing the palm oil industry business in the digital era.

The seminar which was held on a national scale with the theme "The Role of Planter Professionalism and the Application of Digital Palm Oil in Increasing Productivity and Profitability of Sustainable Indonesian Palm Oil", last week for two days (1 - 2 August 2018), in Yogyakarta.

The Head of the SNPI 2018 Committee, Darus Salam, said that this seminar was the first activity of the Indonesian Planters Society which presented speakers from planters, farmers, government and academics.

In this seminar event, IPS collaborated with SAP and Wilmar Consultancy Services or commonly known as WCS as the main sponsors. Where the integrated system for palm oil, SAP is at the forefront. And WCS itself is a subsidiary of Wilmar International.

Gunawan Tandun, as Sales Director of Wilmar Consultancy Services, highly appreciates and supports this activity because the planter's profession also affects the progress of the palm oil sector industry. And the technology era encourages oil palm business owners to keep using real-time data.

Meanwhile, the General Chair of the Indonesian Planters Society, Zulham S. Koto also conveyed that IPS is a professional organization that was born on January 7, 2018, as a forum for professional organizations that work on Indonesian plantations. 

IPS was born from the idea of all Indonesian planters, especially oil palm plantations that are efficient and highly competitive and sustainable. Furthermore, Zulham said IPS wanted to be part of the stakeholders or an important pillar for national plantations to increase competitiveness, efficiency, and a good image. Image is currently the main factor in developing sustainable or sustainable palm oil plantations.

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