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SAP Implementation, Lion Superindo is Ready to Go-Live

There are several problems faced by companies in Indonesia, such as operational costs, business processes that are still manual, and still using outdated IT systems, so that the owner does not get timely and accurate information to make the right business decisions.

On January 15, 2020, has become a new journey for Ahold Delhaize's subsidiary, Lion Super Indo, towards digital transformation, using the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) business system by implementing the SAP S/4HANA FiCo (Finance & Controlling) platform. As a brand that provides a variety of daily necessities products with reliable, complete, low-cost quality products for the community, Lion Super Indo certainly requires an integrated and sophisticated system to manage all their business processes, especially in financial matters.

WCS as a partner of Lion Super Indo in implementing SAP itself has more than 12 years of experience in the world of Information Technology (IT) consultants and was awarded "The Best SAP Services Partner" and "Fastest Growing Partner" in 2019 by SAP Indonesia twice. which are believed to be able to provide comprehensive, effective, and efficient IT solutions.

In the "Go-Live SAP Finance Implementation for Lion Super Indo" event at the office located in Menara Bidakara, attended by several representatives of Lion Super Indo namely, Elliot Dickson as Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Lany S Budianto as Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Ken Wibowo as VP IT, Glen William as PM of Business Process, Jimmy Jonathan Heryanto as PM of IT, and Felix Martinus as Sr. GM Financial Planning Analysis.

The event also attended by representatives from WCS as SAP Partners, namely Andy Halim and Johnson Senarico said that currently, the implementation of S4 / HANA FiCo is the best choice for companies in carrying out digitization and preparation towards industry 4.0. SAP does a lot of updates on the SAP S / 4HANA version, one of which is to use real-time applications with real-time analytics to one platform called HANA.

After beating the gong as the highlight of the day's event by Lion Super Indo CEO (Elliot Dickson), Lion Super Indo is optimistic that it can have an integrated business management system that can synchronize business processes and provide business-related real-time information at any time from sources and procurement, production management and inventory control to sales and distribution, cash flow analysis, and consumer demand going forward.

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