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PT Sumber Mitra Jaya Apply Cloud Application Implementation by Wilmar Consultancy Services

CEO of PT Sumber Mitra Jaya (SMJ), Kuhan said the collaboration with SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC) is aimed at developing big data-based information technology at SMJ.

"With SAP operational costs can be significantly reduced because there is no need to submit physical documents and administrative processes which take time and costs," he said in an official statement received in Jakarta, Friday (02/09/2018).

He continued, SMJ chose HANA Enterprise Solutions to save on IT infrastructure costs and licensing. He said this was in line with the company's goal of implementing advanced technology to improve operational efficiency and service to customers.

"SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud covers all parts of the company in an integrated way from budgeting, project management, purchasing management, sales management, asset management, inventory management to accounting and financial records," he explained.

In addition, he added that SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud also has advanced Fiori technology that allows users to make transactions anywhere, anytime, with anything. "Fiori's features can be accessed via mobile devices (cellphones or tablets). Such as approval and analytic reports help the manager level control the company in real-time," he added.

Meanwhile, Deputy General Manager of Wilmar Consultancy Services, Suryanto Wijaya said digitalization in various activities had occurred, including in mining companies. He added that digital devices like this flooded the market. This means that the need for big data is insight.

"It is the right choice of PT Sumber Mitra Jaya for the SAP HANA Enterprise solution, and we are proud that the solution we developed can play a role in realizing the vision of the BMS in the field of construction and mining into a real solution that can be felt by all parties involved," he said.

source: Warta Ekonomi

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