PT Patin Resources Achieve Perfection with SAP S4/HANA

As the competition in the logistics industry heating up and customer demand changes, PT Patin Resources (PATIN) chooses SAP S/4HANA to keep the company's performance at the top from the IT side. This company has succeeded in making the top of mind for industries logistics thanks to hard work, strong intentions, and a commitment to producing quality customer trust services and a good reputation. Each brand is designed to meet specific needs.

Quality services make PT Patin Resource earn full trust from customers and make it the top of mind for logistic industries. All these awards and recognition strengthen the existence of PT Patin Resources in the logistics industry. Who would have imagined a company that started as a family company to become a large company with a network of foreign countries? Hard work, strong will, and dedication from time to time are PT Patin Resources' commitments.

Currently, their challenges are changing, they are in the stage of maintaining their existence while continuing to grow. For this reason, they are very confident that in this millennial era, all efforts will be in vain if they are not supported by a strong and integrated IT backbone. This kind of investment is very important for the development of our company, that's why we choose the best products. I have known SAP for a long time because many of our customers recommend SAP to us, ”said Patricia Prasatya, President Director of PT Patin Resources regarding the benefits of implementing SAP S / 4HANA in her company.

Before using SAP, PT Patin Resources had different systems at the head office, operation site, and warehouse. "Everything stands alone, separate, and not online. The arrangement of spare parts, fuel and crew are the most difficult thing for us, especially if these three things are not managed properly, the burden is very big for the company, "said Albert Kindangen, Chief Operational Officers regarding the old system problems at Patin.  Wilmar Consultancy Services (WCS) was chosen as the implementation partner after they considered many things, from understanding the industry, track record, and quality of consultants. "We were chosen by PT. Patin Resources because we have experience in implementing SAP in similar industries which happen to be part of the Wilmar Group so that in terms of our knowledge and experience we are superior, "said Ade Rahmat, Country Head of Wilmar Consultancy Services.

For the quality of consultants, there is nothing to worry about, with the most S/4HANA implementation experience and the choice of WCS as the Lighthouse partner by SAP, showing our capability as the best SAP consultant in Indonesia today," added Ade Rahmat. SAP S/4HANA implementation will be carried out by 4.5 months duration divided into 4 stages of the ACTIVATE Methodology (Prepare, Explore, Realize, and Deploy).

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