Duniatex, the Largest Textile Manufacturer in Indonesia, Officially Launch the 1st Go-Live Stage

After carrying out various SAP system implementation processes since June 2019, Duniatex as the largest textile producer in Indonesia officially conducted the 1st Go-Live phase on January 02 at the Duniatex factory, Solo, Central Java. Duniatex itself is a world-class textile company that is managed professionally, which focuses on spinning, weaving, dyeing, and finishing. The company consists of 18 limited companies, spread over several locations on more than 150 hectares of land.

As a world-class company, of course, Duniatex needs a system to integrate and synchronize their business processes in Industry 4.0. By implementing SAP Solution for Textile Manufacture from WCS, it is one of Duniatex's efforts to remain stable in doing business in this Industry 4.0 era.

The problem will certainly always be there in the process, such as users who need time to adapt to digital transformations than before which were done manually. However, WCS as an SAP Gold VAR partner supported by a multidisciplinary team that is highly skilled in bridging the gap between business and information technology (IT) can certainly quickly adapt to these problems.

The teams are certainly trained to be able to combine their expertise in strategic consulting, business process reengineering, and technical experience of SAP implementation in various industries to help customers spread IT initiatives in a timely and efficient manner.

"After this first Go-Live phase, I hope Duniatex can use SAP optimally to support the company's business needs, besides that hopefully WCS can support Duniatex to meet other business needs," said PMGR WCS, Tjong Kuswandi.

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