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Digital Transformation

Today, in this era of industry 4.0, Digital Transformation is imperative for any organization in all areas of a business. According to Red Hat, digital transformations mean the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business resulting in fundamental changes in how businesses operate and deliver value to customers. This sometimes means that the organizations may have to leave some traditional ways behind in favor of relatively new practices.


Does Digital Transformations Matter?

Many organizations may think that digital transformation is not necessary for their businesses. However, the pandemic era has awakened many leaders of an organization to survive through digital technology. Many IT Leaders agreed that customers’ expectations have been changing rapidly and it has become a crucial goal to improve the customer experience.

Although digital transformation will look different in any organization, it will be based on the organization’s challenges and demands, the most important goal that any leader should consider to improve the current processes and evolve to remain competitive. This goal is related to the importance of improving customer experience and continually keeping up with market trends.


How Pandemic Era Accelerate the Digital Transformations and Which Industries?

As we all know, staying home and doing work remotely may cause us boredom but also a new practical way to new transformations. Many of us have started to trust e-commerce more than the offline market itself. According to Digital Commerce 360, e-commerce sales have increased up to 14% since the pandemic era.

This has made many organizations realize how important digitalization to their businesses. As a result of the pandemic era, many organizations turned to digital technologies and networks to reach and serve customers. For businesses that present online, this means upscaling operations to meet demands. For those that had just started their digital transformation journey, this called for an unexpected pivot.

Digital transformation has touched all industries. Companies across sectors are investing in digital transformations to embed digital and in their processes and culture to serve their customers and to remain competitive. 

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